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General Meetings
The Duluth Sail and Power Squadron have four (4) General Meetings each year as appropriated by our By-Laws.  Normally meetings are held in nonboating months which also helps us keep in touch with members throughout the year.The official installation of a Commander and their Bridge comes after a vote is taken at the Annual Meeting and Election which is held in February.  The intent of the annual meeting is to review the accomplishments from the past Squadron year along with membership's support to vote new Bridge officers in. Meetings are held at local restaurants which have meeting rooms that can accompany up to 100 people.  Dinner is usually served, followed by the short General Meeting and a guest speaker. The speakers may be Duluth Sail and Power Squadron members or may be local Government Officials, Coast Guard members, head of museums, or other people of interest to the membership of our Squadron.

Boat Shows
At times during the Duluth Boat, Sports and Camping Show and the Northern Sportsman?s Show in Superior, the Duluth Sail and Power Squadron attends with a booth promoting USPS.  The booth not only shows what our organization is about, but promotes Safe Boating through Education. Our Public Boating Courses are promoted during these events with assistance from many Squadron members helping to man the booth during the entire
scheduled times of the events.

District and National Functions
All Power Squadron members are invited to attend these functions.  District 10, of which we are a member, is comprised of 12 other squadrons.  There are two weekends a year in which one of the squadrons hosts the three-day event which helps train squadron officers of current national activities and new techniques.  An annual summer weekend is called the D/10 Rendezvous and is a fun time for members to get t o know one another and visit the area the hosting squadron is from. National Meetings are also held in the fall and spring.  These are called Governing Board Meetings.  They are huge meetings held over a five-day period and usually have five to seven hundred members in attendance.  Much of the information collected at these meetings are passed on the members at the fall and spring conferences.  There is also the national annual meeting which is usually held in January.  Many of the awards squadrons receive for their participation are handed out here

Change of Watch
Change of Watch
Each Squadron has a yearly formal dinner honoring the incoming new Commander and its? Bridge.  This dinner and installation is usually held the first week in March.The dinner and program are called the Change of Watch.  There is a formal installation of the new Commander and Bridge.  The term of the Commander and Bridge Officers are one year, although in the Duluth Squadron has had some two and three year Commanders.  Membership has been healthy in the Duluth Sail and Power Squadron; however, we need all positions of the Bridge filled to make it a healthy and strong organization. Another highlight at the Change of Watch Ceremony is the Sacred Calabash.  The award is presented to the unlucky boater who has made the biggest blunder of the past boating season.  This is usually a fun event.  Members who have had some type of boating related problem are told of their mishap before the entire group.  The one considered the biggest blunder or ?learning experience? receives the annual award.  You need not be present to win!!

Fitting Out Party
Fitting Out Party
Each year the Squadron has an annual fund raiser in which monies are raised to provide operating capital for the coming year. The event is held in April, just before the boating season starts.  It has, at times, been a good way to outfit your boat for the upcoming season.  This is the only fund raiser the squadron holds to provide funds for the upcoming season.  Members are asked to bring an item to be auctioned off.  The supports of many local businesses are reflected by the gifts which are donated to the auction as well.  The event is usually held at a facility which has accessible parking, can host up to 150 guests and have space available for auction items.
There is usually a theme involved with a live auction as well as a silent auction to participate in.  Raffles and 50/50 drawings have been included to peak the interest of everyone.  A meal is provided, sometimes cooked by squadron participants or catered by an outside vendor.  Sometimes we are able to have a BYOB or a bar is provided.

Dock Cleanup

Predicted Log Contest
This contest is a test of how well you know your boat and the navigational skills taught in our classes.
Each Captain is given a course to run with distance and true compass reading.  The goal is to predict how long it will take you to run the course.  If you are unsure of how it works, captains of vessels running the contest are happy to let you ride along and observe.  All boats are required to have one person clocking time as they run the course.
There is a traveling trophy with the member?s name and boat name inscribed on it for the person that placed first.  Plaques are awarded for the first three placements.  This is an exceptional way to test your knowledge of how well you know and run you boat.

Captain's Platter Fishing Contest
Captains Platter Fishing Contest
This contest is usually held the second weekend of June.  It is open to all members and we invite the public to join in on the fun.  It is a 1 day event held at the Squadron dock.  A lot of folks make it out Friday night and stay for the weekend.  The last few years it has entered 75-100 fisherman and 18-25 boats.  We perform Vessel Safety Checks on Friday, during registration, and on Saturday after the contest.  The last few years all participants have had
current Vessel Safety Check decals on there boats.  We have many door prizes that are donated to the event from local businesses and merchants.  The area that is primarily fished is Lake Superior and the St. Louis river basin.  The classes of fish for the contest are; Lake Trout, King Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Walleye.  We have a nice meal after the contest and people are welcome to stay the night at the dock for the night.  Late night campfires and discussion about the big one that got away are pretty common.  This is a great event for the Duluth Sail and Power Squadron to reach out and introduce the Squadron to the fisherman and the public

River Quest
Each year, area students in the sixth grade are invited to attend a day of presentations of which area agencies demonstrate to them the importance of the functions of the St. Louis River and how it affects them.  This function has been a two-day event switching groups of students every 15 minutes from station to station.  The Duluth Sail and Power Squadron give a demonstration explaining the five types of approved personal floatation devices.  Also,
what to look fore to check for that certification and how to determine what type fits them the best.  This is a fun event and is another way the Power Squadron helps out in a community function.

Commander's Cruise
Traditionally the Commander has a cruise to thank all the general membership and those who have helped during the year to make meetings and events successful.  The commander generally provides a boat ride and a light meal.  During the years, cruises are planned for such as, steak frys, pot lucks, etc. It is the Commander?s choice to plan the type of activity they would like to choose.

Vessel Safety Check
Safe Boating Week and CME/VSC Exams
In May each year we help promote National Safe Boating Week by passing out bags filled with information regarding safety on the water, rules and regulations for Minnesota, Wisconsin and Federal Requirements at local retail outlets and launching ramps around the area.  We try to promote Safe Boating through Education.  Our public boating classes in the winter is a good example. In June we host a day at the dock for Squadron Members to have their boat inspected by the certified examiners, either via the U. S. Coast Guard (Coastguard Marine Exam) or the VSC (Vessel Safety Courtesy) exam.  Once passed, a sticker for the current year is awarded.  There is an organized schedule as well as random exams performed at all marinas and launch ramps.
The Coast Guard will often display a variety of flares and oftentimes, we have someone in the retail fire extinguisher business to check extinguishers and demonstrate their use.

4th of July
A fun-filled day or weekend is usually planned at our dock facility with games, socializing, a boat decorating contest and a dinner is served.  We then participate in a parade of boats in the harbor to the front of the DECC coordinated by the Coast Guard.  A salute is sounded and boats then proceed to their respective marina or anchor in the harbor to watch the fireworks.

Corn Roast Weekend
Annual Corn Roast
Corn Roast, this is our biggest event held at our dock facility each year and is on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  All day there are events for everyone to enjoy.  Our Past Commanders cook the meat for the meal, corn is roasted and a glorious meal is served in the pavilion.  Following the meal we enjoy music provided by a DJ or a local band.  The whole weekend is filled with many events for families and guests.  Bring them we love to have them as our guests.
A Treasure Hunt is often held on the Saturday of Corn Roast weekend.  Secret treasures have been buried on the grounds of the Squadron Dock.  Your goal is to end up with the best poker hand from the cards given to you after each clue is found.  The top two or three hands usually win special treasures.
Our pavilion lets us enjoy our events rain or shine.  Over the years we have made improvements to the dock facility such as a storage container and picnic tables that were build by members on a Labor Day weekend some years ago.

 Christmas Party
Christmas Party
During the Christmas season each year we also have a Christmas party complete with a visit from Santa Clause.  A dinner and dance are held for friends to enjoy the season with each other. Along with the enjoyment of the season, we take time to remember the less fortunate in our community.  For several years, through the events held at the dinner/dance, we have provided money to support one of the Child Gift Giving Programs in the area by hosting
Silent Auctions of gifts provided by members attending.

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