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Review our  course offerings and contact our
 Education Department about any advanced classes you are interested

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Learn Online With an Instructor

Live webinars let instructors and students meet in a virtual classroom.
 Because the sessions are live, instructors can deliver the most up-to-date information available.
 We record most sessions for students to review, and in case they can’t attend the live session.
Preregistration is required.

08 May  Crossing Borders
26 June  Hurricane Preparations for Boaters 
25 September  Living On-board While Cruising
18 November  Running Inlets & Wave Technology
 2 Hours Including Q&A

$20 - $30

Partner in Command

 Completed! Congratulations!

Flare Practice at USCG Station Duluth


Pictured Left to Right – Row 1  (Sitting)
 Susan Leach,  Shelly Micke,  Jacqi Kuettel,  Debi Ruberg,  Rhonda Ziemski
Pictured Left to Right – Row 2 (Standing)
Rachel Nelson, Char Lind, Stacy Lowney, Jill Molitor, Lori Yecoshenko, Shaunna Wood, Val Ouellette

This seminar is going to be laid back with the atmosphere of comradery, sharing experiences, fun and socializing.

It will provide an introduction to boating for spouses/significant others who need basic information and who may or may not have taken a
boating course.

 It is designed to provide essential information to assist a skipper in the safe operation
 of a boat as well as handling emergency situations.
We will have the opportunity to have hands on training with marlinspike, fire extinguishers
 and flares.  This seminar includes a text, student notes booklet, a completion certificate, and a patch.

Review Member Courses Here

Instructor Development Course

Unlike other squadron safe boating courses, Instructor Development’s emphasis is on enhancing instructor skills. 
The course has been designed to demonstrate interactive teaching methods focused on adult learning, prepare lesson plans and give four presentations to peers utilizing a variety of teaching aids and presentation skills. 
Each presentation is to be given on a topic from one of the public boating classes or seminars with the intent that,
upon completion of the course, every student will be qualified (but not required) to teach or proctor at a squadron boating class.
 Current and future seminar instructors who, as yet, have not completed ID should consider participating now. Instructor Development is a requirement for full certificate, i.e. Senior Navigator (SN).
The course is free and includes presentation skills which may be transferable to other training venues.

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