Squadron Dock

Squadron Dock

Dock Facility

The Duluth Squadron has an 800-foot dock that is used for many events throughout the boating season.  The dock is an added benefit for Squadron members with boats or campers, and you will often see families having an evening cookout or spending the weekend watching the wildlife or roasting marshmallows at the bonfire. Kids love coming to the Squadron Dock – there’s plenty of room to run around and also a great playground setup.  Many other events are held at the dock during the summer season, as well as an occasional winter party.  A large metal building was built about 30 years ago to provide shelter from Lake Superior and Mother Nature during events.  Roll up doors on all sides allow for protection from any direction.  Over the years, we have made improvements to the dock facility, such as adding two storage containers, a beautiful fire pit, and most recently a volleyball court. The many picnic tables were built by members on a Labor Day weekend some years ago.

The Duluth Power Squadron membership voted in 2005 to change the name to “The Duluth Sail & Power Squadron” to better reflect our mission as a boating organization that has something to offer all boaters.  In the last two years, we have updated our name to “America’s Boating Club – Duluth Squadron” to correspond with the change of our national organization. In the Duluth Squadron, we also have many members who come to the dock with campers, tents and RV’s.


Duluth Sail & Power Squadron