Member Registration

How to Become a Member

Membership is by application and is for anyone who shares our common love of boating, has passed the public boating course
(or equivalent ) in the first year of membership, and who is interested in advancing the objectives of the organization: the education of members, participation in civic programs, and the creation of an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie among members.

What are the requirements?
Since USPS is a volunteer organization, it is essential that our members be willing and able to contribute their time, energy, and skills to the objectives of the organization.

  • One of the core beliefs of USPS membership is that an educated boater is a safe boater. It should then come as no surprise that there is an educational requirement. Typically, this has been satisfied by completion of one of our public boating courses. However, recognizing that education can be obtained from various sources, a number of additional courses have been recognized as meeting this educational requirement to be met within the first year of membership.
  • Finally, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Three Registration Options:

1.) Pay by Check
Download this Membership Application, print the application, fill it out and submit with payment to:
Duluth Sail & Power Squadron
Box  161 074
Duluth, MN 55816
Once payment is received you will contacted by our Membership Chair and be given access to all member services.

2.) Venmo
Fill out the following online application and click here to pay using Venmo.
Venmo will be the preferred payment option other than paying by check.  Our Venmo user name is @duluthsquadron.  Users can link a credit card or bank account to their Venmo account.  We will no longer be using PayPal.  For ALL transactions using Venmo, there will be a 3% transaction fee.

$120 + 3% = $123.60
$140 + 3% = $144.20
$160 + 3% = $164.80
$180 + 3% = $185.40
Click Here

Single Membership $120/Year
Additional/Family Membership $160/Year
All New Members 1x Admin Fee $20