Our History

The Duluth Power Squadron was incorporated in 1939 with Arthur J. Huderle serving as Commander.  There were 11 other members in the original Squadron and now we are 270 strong.  Duluth has had the guidance of 58 Commanders, four of which were females, over the years.  During World War II, many of the Duluth Squadron members served with their boats patrolling the Duluth Harbor, some went on to be Commanders of large Navy vessels.

A burgee was designed to signify the Duluth Squadron members.  Our burgee has a blue background with a red capital “D” lying on its side surrounded in a white oval also signifying the Duluth Aerial Bridge.  Members are urged to fly our burgee on their boat or display the burgee on their wall, RV, flagpole, etc. 

Boating education is very important to the Squadron and each year many classes are taught to enhance each member’s knowledge of seamanship. Boating classes are also offered to the general public several times a year.  Once you are a Squadron member, there are many classes available to broaden your knowledge. The Duluth Squadron has won the Prince Henry award for teaching excellence.

Duluth Sail & Power Squadron